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Meet the founder 

Nick Mustamarhadi, MBA is the President/ CEO of Washington Harbour Homes. He was born and raised in the Washingtonian area. He graduated with his Bachelors of Science degree in Business with an emphasis in Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship and obtained his Masters of Business Administration in Finance from University of Phoenix. He has actively worked in the real estate industry since 2003 and acquired the extensive knowledge and experience of working as a real estate agent and property manager in DC, MD, & VA. He worked for Coldwell Banker Property Management as their Senior Property Manager overseeing the "Greater Washington Division", in which the office was located in Washington Harbour - Georgetown. The Clientele, Location, and Organization inspired him to incorporate Washington Harbour Homes.  His true passion is providing exceptional clientele service. His main focus when it comes to his clients are their finance, asset, and relationship. He provides all of his clients the undivided attention that they deserve no matter where they reside globally. 


Washington Harbour Homes is a reputable organization  located in the DC Metropolitan area. Built on principles of trust, dependability on assurance, we offer our clients exceptional management services when it comes to their investments. We understand the value and importance of handling our client's investments.  

Our Real Estate Services are aimed at making life easier for our clients.

Our Team 

Our team is highly skilled in organizing resources and assisting our clients with their properties. We are certified in the contracting process and well versed with local, state, and federal regulations with in-depth knowledge of property management principles, procedures, and standards. We are able to analyze and interpret the needs of our clients and offer appropriate solutions to help them manage their assets by comprehending the financial data and preparing the financial reports, statements, and projections. We have excellent project planning, interpersonal, and communication skills with the ability to work effectively.

Corporate launch brunch 


Accounting Services

  • Rent Collection 
  • Bill Payment
  • Disbursement of Proceeds
  • Monthly Owner Statements
  • Issues Year-End Income Statement 
  • Income & Expense Report 
  • Tax Form 1099s 

Adminstration Services 

  • Tenant Application Process; 
    • Credit Check 
    • Background 
    • Eviction Report 
    • Reported Income Report 
    • Employment Verification 
    • Rental Verification 
  • Leases- Draft & Enforce 
  • Licenses Compliance 
  • Property Inspections 

Maintenance & Repair 

  • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance  Response 
  • Expertise in Resolving Repair Matters Rapidly 
  • Licensed Contractors
  • Project Management Work 
  • Remodel / Renovation Projects 

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